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Reality shaper. Creative coder.

Melding art and programming, I craft stories through games and experiences. My expertise spans coding, game engines, and design software, equipping me with the tools to explore the realms of augmented and virtual reality and beyond. With a creative team, I build immersive worlds that traverse a multitude of universes. Together, we can push the boundaries of storytelling and innovate across all platforms.


Step Into Biology

AR Unity C# Developer

Lunar Odyssey

VR UE5 C++ Developer

Dark Side of the Moon

VR UE4 Blueprints Dev

Serial Dilutions

2D Unity C# Developer

Ocean Moon Ring

3D 3Ds Max Modeling


UE4 Niagara After Effects

Demon Spawn

Maya 3Ds Max Modeling

Game In Progress

Creator  3D  UE5  C++ 

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