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Dark Side of the Moon

An exaggerated experience of what it would have been like on the Apollo 13 mission as they went around the dark side of the moon.

Developed from August to October 2019 with Unreal Engine, "Dark Side of the Moon" is a 3D VR college studio project by a team of three, featuring 2D Art by Matti Ropp and 3D Modeling by Phillip Lerum. This immersive project provides an exaggerated experience of the Apollo 13 mission, plunging players into visually rich gameplay that simulates conditions such as extreme cold, hallucinations, CO2 poisoning, amongst others. It's designed to both entertain and challenge, allowing for an individual exploration of the mission's key events.

  • Conducted reasearch on Apollo 13 transcripts and timelines for accurate narrative script and gameplay around the moon's dark side

  • Crafted gameplay sequence and timings for incident occurences, incorporating specific visuals and interactive gameplay

  • Implemented a "fix-it" system for CO2 problem-solving through object and environment interaction

  • Developed all gameplay aspects in Unreal Engine, including player character, environment, and object interactions

  • Utilized Unreal's post-processing system for VFX to represent psychological factors like sleep deprivation, fear, cold, hallucinations, and CO2 poisoning

  • Led the project team and originated the concept for the Apollo 13 exaggerated experience

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