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Step Into Biology

An educational AR app that introduces biology to students in an immersive experience brought to the classroom

Built in Unity, Step Into Biology is an educational experience where students can "Step Into" their biology lessons by placing a 3D cell or biological process in their classroom and get an up close, personal look. Students can learn by themselves or with their teacher and peers in their classroom. After they go through their lessons, they can practice for a test with the Practice mode, allowing them to see if they get questions correct or incorrect immediately, or they can challenge themselves in Quiz mode with a timed test that only reveals the answers once they submit them. 

  • Led development of the app, implementing core code and interaction systems

  • Designed interactive UI for information access and integrated a quiz system for knowledge reinforcement

  • Developed a multi-peer AR experience with shared positions and exploratory freedom, emphasizing host interactions

  • Introduced a dynamic start-up menu and enforced TOS/Privacy Polic compliance checks for updated versions

  • Addressed bugs promptly and optimized Unity's build pipeline for custom app enhancements

  • Implemented Firebase Email Login and integrated Apple, Google, and Facebook SDKs for comprehensive user authentication

  • Connected app content with backend CMS via API for easy information updates.

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