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Demon Spawn

A baby ostrich stuffed animal character for animating and rigging in a short movie (not an actual demon)

Demon Spawn emerges as the captivating centerpiece of The Pull of Magic, a short film developed for a senior capstone project. In the narrative, Demon Spawn, a seemingly mundane stuffed baby ostrich toy, is imbued with life, serving as a pivotal symbol of creativity and a bridge to the main character's childhood passion for drawing. The character is inspired by a stuffed animal from my personal collection, gaining its name from Matti Ropp, who found its appearance to be notably creepy and unsettling, in contrast to my own perception of its cuteness.

  • Sculpted character model in ZBrush with intricate detail

  • Retopologized model in 3Ds Max for efficiency

  • Textured model in Substance Painter for enhanced realism

  • Created realistic fur/feathers with Maya XGen

  • Rigged and animated character in Maya for fluid motion

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