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A virtual reality theme park, made up of three different lands that fight to be the most popular area in the park.

Edenfall, a junior studio project developed collaboratively, represents an innovative virtual reality theme park designed to immerse visitors in three uniquely crafted areas: Proteus, a futuristic high-tech city; Myrfell Forest, a realm filled with terror and formidable creatures; and Timberwood Grove, an enchanting land of magic and wonder. Each area is defined by a distinct genre and competes for visitors' votes to be acclaimed the best land of the day. The winning area is celebrated at day's end with a special ceremony, marked by its control over the central monolith crystal, symbolizing its victory.

  • Developed Edenfall's origin story, enhancing immersive gameplay with detailed lore.

  • Produced thematic signage materials for enhanced navigation and consistency across lands.

  • Crafted VFX for each area, augmenting the visual and immersive experience.

  • Created end-game celebration concept reel, visually celebrating the winning land.

  • Developed an intro VFX reel to showcase park celebrations, setting an enchanting tone.

  • Produced a cinematic video and lore booklet for visitors, detailing Edenfall's history.

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