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Ocean Moon Ring

A ring model created with the intention of being sold on a mixed reality store

As technological advancements continue to reshape consumer behavior, the shift towards home shopping necessitates innovative approaches to traditional retail. This concept, developed during my sophomore year of college, introduces a model that brings the storefront directly into the consumer's space. The 'Ocean Moon Ring' serves as a showcase piece from the Elemental collection, illustrating how users can interact with virtual representations of physical products. Through this system, consumers can visually place, examine, and switch between different variations of the ring in their own environment, providing a tangible sense of the product before making a purchase decision. 

  • Expertly modeled the 'Ocean Moon Ring' using 3Ds Max, showcasing precise craftsmanship and attention to detail

  • Designed and developed four distinct sets for the Elemental collection, incorporating both material and model modifications to enhance thematic variety

  • Implemented professor-provided scripts to establish the foundational AR storefront within Unity

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