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Lunar Odyssey

Immersive VR lunar experience of what would have felt like an Apollo mission with a gaming aspect

Built in Unreal Engine 5, Lunar Odyssey is an immersive, first-person VR celestial experience, depicting details of the Apollo Missions and the Lunar Lander, the moon surface and Apollo-era technology with impressive accuracy. There are two modes: Escape, the gamified version of launching the Lunar Lander to head back home; and Free Roam, where the user can explore the surface of the moon by walking, ride around in an accurate Lunar Rover, or play the fun Space Golf.

  • Architecture multiple gameplay systems, including the Lunar Rover and Escape

  • Implement gameplay mechanics which included:

  • The driving of the Rover

  • A quest and objective system for Escape

  • Interactivity between the user and their surroundings

  • A dynamic waypoint system

  • Develop a dynamic, full body IK system for VR

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